Welcome to the web site of the "Oil Stories"

This homepage supports the exhibition “Oil Stories”, created by Group Chad and its members.

The life-size portraits document how people’s lives have changed with oil extraction. The oil facilities in Doba are located in a poor rural area, defined by agriculture. This very individual presentation wishes to create public awareness for the living conditions of the Chadian people. They raise their voices by telling the stories of their lives. They are farmers, village elders, nurses and journalists who demand a life in dignity and an improvement of their living conditions.

The exhibition supports the work of our local partners who are committed to ensure the rights of the local population in the oil region in the south of Chad.

For more information, request our brochure "Living with oil. Poverty, conflicts and corruption in Chad and Cameroon".

Collage der Poster der Ausstellung Ölbiographien

Posters of Village Maps before and after the start of Esso's oil extraction

Dorfkarte 1
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